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Astrology is a nice way to predict someone life and the experience they will be facing their life. As per Indian tradition the consequences and challengers are dependent on one’s zodiac sign and planetary movement which can be detected with the help of astrology.



Whenever an individual faces any ups and down in their life he rush to a nearest astrologer to know the reason behind this but now there are various astrology app which can help you detect the planetary movement and their effect on your Zodiac signs. These apps are useful and easy and better in all aspects than those astrologers because they are genuine and trustworthy.

There are various charts and tools which can be used for astrology prediction and among this solar return chart is important. Solar return chart are a good way to identify when sun will return back to the same birth positions. With the help of this predication one can formulate charts that can calculate exact moment when sun with return to its natal chart positions. Sun is a powerful celestial body that can affect life of any individual and this tool can help detect its positions. This is the reason why solar return chart is important for astrology prediction.

This is quite similar to natal chart but unlike natal chart its validity may only last for at least a year. This can be from one birthday to another birthday. Thus to calculate and formulate solar return chart birth date is one of the essential element. This chart can help depict the new turning points that are waiting for you in your life and their durations. It is also a powerful technique to detect the issues that you will be facing in next coming year. Not only this, with this chart you can identify when there will be a beginning of new phase in your life that can bring you happiness. In short this solar return chart can help you detect about your next year from your birthday and make you prepare for new challenges and coming ups and down.

Solar return chart is a way to astrology prediction but just like other charts it can get completed for once who do not understand astrology. There are astrology apps which can make things easy and help you identify about you easily but interpreting a solar return chart can get easier with these key points:

1. Understand the ascendant of the solar return chart
2. Identify the planet and points in the natal chart and their angle with solar return chart.
3. Note the solar return planet and their aspect with solar return angle.
4. Identify the condition of the sun and their location in your house. This may also include identification of aspects that the sun is making.
5. Also focus on factors like natal house and which of them are brought to ascendant.
6. Detection of moon and its positions by house and in the sign is also essential.
7. Put your emphasis on hemispheric elements of the solar return chart and their emphasis on houses.
8. Learn to understand angle formation in solar return chart and the conjunction of sun with the solar return angle.
9. Learn to formulate critical degrees for a sign in solar return interpretation.

This is an important tool or chart for an individual because it helps detect the movement of sun and its return time back to its natal positions which can help predict one’s life and its upcoming challenges. When this tool is rightly used it can help provide a way to face life in a meaningful way.

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