Eagle view investigations

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A private detective agency you can trust

we have more than 40 years’ experience in private investigation and security consultancy. we work locally, nationally and internationally. our highly skilled detectives have all the right specialist training, knowledge and expertise. we only use the very latest tools, technology and equipment. and our services are affordable.

if the problem is too big, too complicated or too sensitive to investigate yourself, call us!

• uncover evidence of industrial espionage and stop the spying
• stop commercial fraud and theft in their tracks
• pin down embezzlement and money laundering
• get the insight you need to stop accounting irregularities
• spot data theft
• look into insurance fraud
• stop harassment and bullying
• catch a cheating partner
• investigate an accident at work
• find a missing vehicle, track down missing stock or equipment
• get quality written evidence that's acceptable to the police, designed to stand up in court

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CountryUnited Kingdom