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Petrochemicals are chemical products that are formed from petroleum. It includes a range of organic hydrocarbons products that are sourced from carbon and organic products as well.



Petrochemical products is a combination of three words petro, chemical and products where Petro is from petroleum which is derived from the Latin words rock and oil and chemical means the chemical products thus it means that these are the products that are oil made from rocks. Petrochemical products are dark products that have high viscous compounds. They have their own composition and properties which are often used for classification. There are different types of petrochemical product which may include bright stock, Base oil sn500, white oil, Bright stock 150 etc.

There are different types of petrochemical products that are used for different purposes. Some of the broader classification of Petrochemicals products is as below:

Light Petrochemicals

These are the first type of classification of petrochemical product. The light petrochemicals include products which can be used for bottled fuel and raw materials. They are also often used for other organic chemicals as well. Methane, ethane and ethylene are basic light chemical product. They are generally in gaseous form when is at room temperature. This also
includes petrochemical product like natural gas which is gas used in buildings. The use of gases like methane is limited and such petrochemical product can be identified by odorant. One of the lightest fractions of light petrochemical product also includes ether and light naphtha. Such products have boiling points that range between 80 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

Medium Petrochemicals

Medium Petrochemical product includes products such as gasoline which are Hydrocarbons that range between 6 and 12 carbons. Such products are used in automobile fuels. The other one is Octane which is petrochemical product with eight carbons. It is a good automobile fuel. Kerosene is also medium petrochemical product which contains 12 to 15 carbons.
Such products are used in aviation fuels. These are easy solvents and good for heating and lighting.

Heavy Petrochemicals

Heavy petrochemicals are third type of classification for petrochemical products. Such products are commonly used as diesel oil and heating oil’s for buildings. This also includes lubricating oils which are used for engines and machinery. Such products include 15 and 18 carbons. The boiling points of such product range between 570 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Such products can be broken down into lighter hydrocarbons using a refined process called cracking. It includes Base oil Sn150 as well.

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