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Have you ever dreamed of a different kind of holiday? Perhaps you’ve always struggled to find that perfect balance of comfort and adventure. Queenstown Campervan Hire may be the answer you have always been looking for.



Why is it so popular to drive yourself on holiday?

Traditionally when most people go on holiday, they rely on the prearranged hotel transfers and the bus day trips to local sites. A lot of people just assume this is the only option. Often the thought of hiring your own vehicle just seems to complicated and many people assume it also isn’t possible abroad. Too much paperwork! However, as soon as you have been a few holidays that require you to be transported around in pre-organized coach transport, you will start to get fed up of the lack of flexibility that this provides and you are likely to start looking for alternatives. For people who are car fanatics, then the idea of driving yourself in a new place is exciting not daunting. It gives you the chance to choose the kind of car you want and try something different from the car you have at home. It can be thrilling. If you are up in the mountains of Peru or cruising around the Italian countryside it can be a real adventure negotiating the twists and turns of the roads. Aside from simply being fun to drive your self around, it can be much more convenient too. It allows you to create your own schedule and go where you want when you want. It also allows you to visit places that aren’t so touristy and gives you the chance to have a really unique trip.

How can I travel and sleep on the road?

Lots of people want to go that one step further and not just hire a car, but also live in their vehicle as they travel. This often saves a lot of money on expensive hotels in tourist centers. That is where companies like CamperCo come in. CamperCo are offering Campervan Hire in South Island NZ for people who want the ultimate option in flexibility. They describe themselves as a locally owned South Island Campervan Hire company who offer well designed and comfortable campervans that will be hard to beat. They offer two to four berth camper vans that are equipped with everything you need. They describe themselves as also making it easy for you to arrange Queenstown Campervan Hire. They say they do not have any hidden costs, offer you unlimited miles, as well as 24/7 roadside assistance, free transfers and flexibility with pick up and drop off times and locations.

If you have been struggling to organize your perfect self-drive campervan holiday, and have been searching for a great South Island Campervan Hire business, then CamperCo may be the company to help you out. For more information on their Campervan Hire in Queenstown then visit their website online today at

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Onerahi, Whangarei
North Island, 3070
New Zealand

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