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UK Bridging Loans (Donkey Finance)

The premium partners and lenders that we work with allow Donkey Finance to provide clients with fast, competitive and flexible financial service. All loans we provide are fully regulated by the FCA and we are a whole of marketing financial portal. At Donkey Finance we are happy to offer an easy one minute application in which we compare over 100+ lenders. No matter the need for your bridging loan, whether your looking to purchase a property at an auction, looking to avoid bankruptcy or want to solve cash flow problems, we are here to help!

Bridging Loans | Bridging Loan | Bridging Finance

UK Bridging Loans

Here at UK Bridging Loans we believe that we are a lender with a difference! The number one aim that we have is to complete cases in the quickest possible timeframe and our average throughput from the acceptance of an offer to completion and pay-out is no more than a few days! Although we would never confess to being the cheapest lender around, we do believe we are the most flexible and quickest! Valuations are rarely required and there are absolutely no separate legal fees for most refinances. The age of the customer is also unimportant and even foreign nationals are welcome to use the services we offer.

Bridging Loans | Bridging Loan | Bridging Finance

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