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In todays modern medical world there are advancements every day. Perhaps one of the most important ophthalmic advances over the years has been Laser Cataract Surgery.



If you are looking for Lasik Arizona and surround areas, here are a few to check out.

Laser Cataract Phoenix specializes in the removal of cataracts of the eye. What is a cataract you may well ask? Well, it is usually a normal process of aging when the covering of the eye becomes cloudy, making vision a problem. While they are not dangerous or life threatening, they can become bothersome to the patient and that is where laser cataract is essential and helpful.

There are several laser Arizona clinics, such as Laser eye surgery Phoenix. Most clinics perform this laser surgery in a clinical setting. By making a tiny slit in the cornea, the laser then removes the cloudiness from the lens, and an artificial lens is put back in its place.

Other than a few precautions about bending, lifting or sneezing, the patient is pretty much able to continue with his or her normal activities almost immediately after the procedures are completed. This is a real change from the older ways of removing the cataract which entail cutting the covering of the eye. This meant a longer recovery time and more danger of infections and other complications. Thankfully, with the invention of lasers, there are few complications and even shorter hospital and clinic stays.

The procedure is relatively painless and can be done in one day with no over night stay. Only one eye is done at a time, so the patient will have some vision when the procedure is over. These qualified practitioners do other surgeries as well, such as Lasik.

Not only are there procedures such as laser eye surgery Arizona in general and laser eye surgery in phoenix, these clinics offer a wide variety of other services pertinent to eye care. Some include eye glasses, comprehensive exams and other services. can prove to be an invaluable source when you are looking for the right physician, the right clinic and the right place for you to have your procedure. Most clinics accept insurance, as well as the option of payment plans for those who do not have third party insurers. Each and every patient is treated as an individual, with their own needs and peculiarities.

The staff at all of these clinics are board certified, specially trained and have done literally thousands of this type of procedures in the years they have been practicing. So, any fear and apprehension should be decreased for you, the patient. Of course, it is natural to have some apprehension, for this is an operative procedure.

As with many things in life, there are some clinics or facilities that does not seem to mesh well with a person’s like or life style; but, there are numerous clinics for laser eye surgery and there sure to be that fits your needs.

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