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Getting married and engaged is one of the most important moments in anyone’s life. Searching for the right jewelry for the occasion can be difficult and stressful, but with Capucinne they can help you make it a truly enjoyable experience.



If you plan on proposing to your partner, you need to choose the right diamond engagement ring. This can be a really difficult decision to make. You need to work out their ring size, try and drop hints about the type of ring they would like, for example are they a fan of a diamond cluster engagement ring or not? Once you think you have this information, the actual research and buying process begins. There are literally thousands and thousands of places you could go to buy a ring. There are large chain stores, small independent shops, and a wealth of online retailers who can all sell you diamond engagement rings. Sometimes it is useful to get a recommendation from a friend as to where to shop first. It can be reassuring to go somewhere that is recommended. However, the downside of shopping in a store is that the ring is likely to be much more expensive than online. So if you know the kind of ring you are looking for, then it is worthwhile going to an online retailer like Capucinne. They can offer you high quality diamond engagement rings at good value prices.

So who are Capucinee?

Capucinne are a small jewelry company from Slovenia in Central Europe. They specialize in making specialized and personalizedjewelry that is truly unique. As well as diamond engagement rings, they can also help you create the perfect diamond wedding ring sets, once your partner has hopefully said yes to the proposal! The prices by Capucinne are unique and they aim to design their jewelry with a mix of elegance, modern design and minimalism. These are not over the top or gaudy pieces of jewelry, they are instead simple and beautiful. Every piece of jewelry, from their Diamond Cluster Engagement Rings to their Diamond Wedding Rings and Bands, are all designed and made by hand in Slovenia. They describe themselves as only using the most genuine and high quality materials and gemstones that are available. They also claim to make every piece of jewelry with love and care, and pride themselves on making sure customer satisfaction is their top priority.

If you have a big question to ask and are struggling to find the right diamond cluster engagement ring, then you should think about looking at Capucinne. Or if your partner has accepted your proposal, and you are now looking together for the very best diamond wedding bands, then Capucinne can probably help you with your search here too. For much more information about their jewelry and to browse their collection in more detail, then you can visit their website today at

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We offer largest range of online custom made engagement rings; fine wedding jewelry sets design & artistry handmade with love in Slovenia. Sign up today for special offers & updates! We only use genuine and high quality materials and gemstones. Every single piece of jewelry is made with love and care.

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