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Sequoia has been involved in electronics technology since 1986. always at the cutting edge of components and design helping customers design in components and subsystems to their end equipment.


Wifi Antennas

For connection between access points and mobile equipment Sequoia's Wifi antenna offering provides high quality antennas for industrial applications. Designed for operation at 2.4GHz with options for the newer 5GHz Wifi frequency, these ant ... read more

wifi_antenna.png embedded_antenna.png adhesive_antenna.png
Wifi Antennas

1-wire sensors

Measuring temperature and humidity is easy using reliable and accurate 1-wire sensors from Sequoia. The sensors are available a voltage, 4-20mA outputs and I2C versions.

1-wire-temperature-sensor.png 1-wire-temperature-humidity-sensor.png
1-wire sensors

Mini PCIe Wifi modules

An easy way to add WiFi to your embedded system using mini PCIe cards. Sequoia's mini PCIe Wifi cards are half-height and provide 802.11 b/g/n connectivity with data rates up to 300Mpbs. Designed for external antenna connections with two an ... read more

Mini PCIe Wifi modules

RF Modules for Mesh and Star Networks

The short range ISM band modules from Telit provide wireless data connectivity over 433/868 and 915MHz. The devices are designed for star or mesh network topologies with very low power usage in power saving modes. High power versions are av ... read more

telit_le50-868.png le70-868.png
RF Modules for Mesh and Star Networks

Bluetooth Modules

Sequoia's wireless division have been supplying industrial bluetooth modules for many years. The modules are class 1 or class 2 devices with serial port profile for cable replacement. The Bluetooth modules are available with DIP or SMD pa ... read more

FB155.jpg FB755AC.jpg FB755AS.jpg
Bluetooth Modules

Heat Flux Sensors

Heat flux sensors determine the heat energy transfer through surfaces, materials and open air. This heat energy transfer varies with the conductivity or insulation qualities of the material. Its measurement gives the user a clear view of th ... read more

Heat Flux Sensors

Sequoia technology News

A New Range of WiFi Modules and Mini PCIe Cards from the Wireless Experts – Sequoia Technology

, Released:22/07/13
Sequoia Technology launches new exciting WiFi Modules and Mini PCIe Cards that are cost effective and prove to be simple to use amongst other redeeming technical features.

Sequoia Technology Launches The ZETA Industrial M2M Terminal is now available with GPS

, Released:30/04/13
Sequoia Technology launches the ZETA M2M Terminal with GPS providing global network coverage and location awareness. The ZETA M2M Terminal has been specifically developed as an alternative to other expensive terminals with little functionality.

Sequoia Technology’s Most Impressive M2M Terminal Goes Bare

, Released:22/03/13
Electronics specialists Sequoia Technology announce the launch of the new ZOOM family of wireless M2M terminals, ideally suited for M2M applications.

The New Remote GSM Temperature Monitor – the Argon 100, it’s a Gas

, Released:27/02/13
Sensormetrix Introduce the Argon 100, a GSM remote temperature sensor for remote temperature monitoring, ideal for locations where there’s no power supply on site and where you rarely visit but need to know real time temperature readings.

Wireless Metering Just Got a Boost According to Sequoia Technology

, Released:26/02/13
Sequoia Technology has announced a new simpler solution to wireless metering with new modules from Telit. These modules are optimised for one or two way data exchange, ideal for wireless metering.

Sequoia Technology Launches New Zeta Family of M2M Terminals

, Released:25/02/13
Sequoia Technology announces the launch of the new Zeta Range. The Zeta range is GPRS and 3G terminals which are perfectly suited to machine to machine applications.

Sequoia Announce that 3G Capability is Now Available As Plug ‘n’ Play with the Telit HE910

, Released:20/02/13
A new m2m module for m2m devices is now available making 3G capabilities easier than ever before with a simple plug and play installation Sequoia Technology announces.

Siretta Antennas Introduce the New Higher Gain Dipole Rubber Duck Antenna Range

, Released:28/01/13
Siretta Antennas introduce their new range of antenna – the Delta 6 range. The Delta 6 antennas are a family of which now includes new higher performance dedicated band versions.

Sequoia Technology Says that the HDMI and MHL Plug 'n' Play Interoperability is Made Easy

, Released:18/01/13
Sequoia Technology Group are raising awareness of the ease of use the Quantum Data 980 Protocol Analyzer offers to achieve error proof design.

Sequoia Technology Unveils the New Telit Jupiter SE880 an Amazing GPS-Module

, Released:17/01/13
Sequoia Technology announces the new micro sized Telit Jupiter SE880 GPS module to the world and the amazing possibilities that such a compact module brings to so many applications.

Monitor Your Remote Assets With Sensormetrix Dataloggers

, Released:14/01/13
Sensormetrix understands how important it is to protect business assets. Assets that can easily be protected with dataloggers which monitor control parameters which your assets would be most susceptible to.

Extended Power Supply Range (5-60V) GPRS and 3G Terminals From Sequoia Technology

, Released:10/01/13
Sequoia Technology the wireless specialists have brought to the market 2 new wireless terminals that boast an extended power supply range which is achieved through their extreme efficiency.

Simplify The Deployment of Your M2M Applications with Sequoia and m2mAir

, Released:07/01/13
Sequoia Wireless pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of technology and this time they are simplifying the deployment of machine to machine applications with m2mAir SIM service.

Sequoia Technology Group Ltd Re-Focused Business and Websites

, Released:05/09/12
Sequoia Technology Group Ltd the Reading UK based electronics and Technology company launch a new website and company direction.

Sequoia Technology Group Awarded Sales Excellence Award from Telit Wireless Solutions

, Released:05/07/12
Sequoia Technology Group proudly accept the award of Sales Excellence from Telit Wireless Solutions.

Siretta is Calling All Radio Enthusiasts Interested in HF Shortwave Communication

, Released:04/05/12
Siretta the antennas specialists are proud to announce their new Romeo 14 Antenna, which is exclusively available from Siretta Antennas.

Siretta Antennas Advice that Cellular Signal Testers Make Installations Significantly More Reliable

, Released:26/04/12
Siretta Antennas offer advice about Signal Testers. These electronic devices detect the signal of 2g, 3g and GPRS networks making antenna installations significantly more reliable.

Siretta Antennas the Antennas Specialists Appoints New Antenna Product Manager

, Released:20/04/12
Siretta Antennas welcomes the expertise and experience from the of the new antennas product manager Tommy Morris who will be the new face of Siretta Antennas.

Sequoia Technology Launch Range of Telit / Navman GPS Modules

, Released:29/03/12
Sequoia Technology announce their launch of the range of Telit / Navman GPS modules which are now available in the online Sequoia Shop.

Taking Video to New Limits – Sequoia AV Fibre Optics!

, Released:22/03/12
Sequoia Technology announce that they are taking AV Fibre Optics to new limits because Fibre Optics can be used where long distance high bandwidth or electrical isolation is essential.

What do you do with your HDMI problems? We use QD 780 for ours!

, Released:16/03/12
The Quantum Data 780 handheld HDMI test instrument can help and assist HDMI installations. Sequoia Technology sell the Quantum Data 780.

Kiosks4business Exhibit Their Excellence in Bespoke Kiosk Design at the Retail Business Technology Expo

, Released:13/03/12
Kiosks4Business are showing a bespoke kiosk design at the Retail Business Technology Expo today and tomorrow at Earls Court to demonstrate their capabilities of custom kiosk design.

The New ARGON Series has Arrived for Multi Sensor GSM Temperature Monitoring

, Released:13/03/12
Sensormetrix launch the new ARGON Series, the multi Sensors for GSM temperature monitoring. Find out more about the Argon series.

Visit Kiosks4Business’ Nixi Micro Kiosk and be in with a Chance of Winning an iPad

, Released:12/03/12
Enter the Kiosks4Business prize draw to win an Ipad, by simply asking them about their New Nixi Micro Kiosk at the Retail Business Technology Expo.

Testdrive Okul at the Retail Business Technology Expo 2012

, Released:08/03/12
Kiosks4Business are asking visitors to their stand at the Retail Business Technology Expo at Earls Court on the 13th and 14th of March to Test Drive the Okul Kiosk.

Visit Kiosks4Business at the Retail Business Technology Expo

, Released:07/03/12
Kiosks4Business will be exhibiting their fantastic Touchscreen kiosks at the amazing retail show - Retail Business Technology Expo.

Cellular Signal Testers Make Installations ...Significantly More Reliable

, Released:06/03/12
Siretta Antennas have two Cellular Signal Testers available which make Installations significantly more reliable, because tests can be ran to find the perfect spot.

Full Quality HDMI and Displayport Over Long Distance?

, Released:02/03/12
How Fibre Optic cables can Sending HD Digital Audio and Video over a long distances.

HDMI and MHL Plug ‘n’ Play Interoperability Made Easy

, Released:22/02/12
The Quantum Data 980 protocol analyser is the “must have” test equipment.

Extended Power Supply Range (5-60V) GPRS & 3G Terminals

, Released:21/02/12
Sequoia is pleased to announce the new low cost extended power supply 5-60V versions SQ864E-GPRS and SQ864E-3G wireless terminals.

Beat the winter blues with our Server Room Monitoring Systems

, Released:27/01/12
Beat the winter blues with server room monitoring systems that are packed with features to ensure your server room equipment is maintained effectively.

Kiosks4business Produce New Small Micro Kiosks for Retail

, Released:16/01/12
Kiosks4business designers have created a contemporary new range of Micro Kiosks under the name of Nixi designed for retail use. Meet the new Nixi micro kiosk.

Sequoia Technology Group Ltd shortlisted for the UK’s most innovative Mobile company award – The Smart UK Project

, Released:13/01/12
Sequoia Technology’s GSM gateway design along with a GPRS enabled mini printer to enable detailed and sensitive data has been shortlisted for the UK’s most innovative Mobile company award – The Smart UK Project.

Remote Monitoring Saves the Day!

, Released:16/12/11
Using SMS you can be notified of an “out of temperature” situation anywhere in the world as it happens or even be warned before a situation is critical.

Advantages of High Gain Cellular Antennas in M2M Applications

, Released:06/12/11
The release of our compact Yagi antenna this month highlights the advantages of using well built, high gain antennas in remote environments where cellular connectivity is required.

Siretta Antennas Announce New Look Website

, Released:03/06/11
Siretta Antennas, the Berkshire, UK based M2M antenna specialist today launched their new look website.

New Wireless Temperature and Humidity Solution from Sequoia

, Released:13/05/11
The Sequoia Wireless Sensor (SWS) range is a very user friendly solution for monitoring and recording temperature readings from -10⁰C to +50⁰C and humidity readings from 0~100%RH. Using a central Ethernet base station SWS-R1, which communicates wirelessly to battery operated compact sensor units SWS-TH1.

Sequoia Technology Group Ltd Celebrates its 25th Birthday

, Released:13/05/11
On Feb 27th 2011 Sequoia Technology Group celebrated its 25th anniversary. Sequoia was incorporated as a new company in 1986 and started life as a high tech distributor of semiconductors.

One Fibre Detachable DVI Extender And Passive Splitter Reduce Costs

, Released:13/05/11
Many Digital Signage, Video wall, medical and military applications require a single digital video source to be transmitted to several digital displays using fibre optic extenders and distributors.

Low Cost Low Power 24-Bit Analog To Digital Converters

, Released:13/05/11
Sequoia Technology Group has launched a family of cost effective Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital converters reduces cost and power without compromising performance.

Siretta Antennas Announce 4G Compatibility of Cellular Antenna Range

, Released:12/05/11
Siretta Antennas – the Berkshire, U.K based M2M antenna specialist today announced that their range of Cellular antennas will be compatible with the European requirements of 4G.

Siretta Antennas Announce 4G Compatibility of Cellular Antenna Range

, Released:12/05/11
Siretta Antennas – the Berkshire, U.K based M2M antenna specialist today announced that their range of Cellular antennas will be compatible with the European requirements of 4G.

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