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Lovers of Italian cuisine and wedding events now have the perfect opportunity to organize an Italian themed celebration filled with all the thrills and frills of an Italian experience. This popular catering and event planning service company is looking to engage their customers by making it possible for them to order for their services online through their website



Until now, hosts of social functions, such as wedding and birthday parties could only order for Hannah & Elia services via phone calls or by sending them a message through emails. As effective as this was, getting full details about service information wasn’t as easy as it should have been for clients ordering for this service for the first time. This created quite a challenge for the company and their client base.

With the launch of their online service, clients can now visit their websites to get all the information they want regarding the different services they offer. The company hopes that with this new innovation to service delivery, they can strengthen the trust their clients have in them while providing a speedy and efficient world-class service.

Hannah & Elia Service company renders two primary service. An Italian catering service and the planning of social events. These services can be ordered for at any time of the year.

Their wedding dolomites service is essentially for couples and wedding hosts planning for a wonderful wedding celebration but require the help of professionals to handle all the specific details. With several years of wedding planning under their belt, Hannah&Elia service is primed to provide couples with a first-class hosting service that guarantees value for money.

The wedding planner Italy incorporates all the themes necessary to make their wedding events a resounding success. They have also added a little innovation to their hosting services in order to satisfy the needs of their clients and all the wedding guests invited to their wedding feasts.

As far as their traditional service goes, catering has always been a core service delivery of the catering company. They employ a large retinue of very experienced Italian chefs and caterers who prepare exotic Italian cuisine for social functions and events.

Clients can place orders for different Italian menus via their website’s contact page. For special orders, they can also place orders several days or weeks before their event is scheduled so as to enable the chefs prepare well in advance.

Wedding Tuscany Italy events are special hosting events made possible by the exquisite and detailed service offered by the catering company. If you have an upcoming wedding and you are desirous of having an Italian themed wedding, you can get in touch with Hannah&Elia Catering Service. All you need to do is visit their website or contact them through their hotlines. All further enquires can also be made through the above-mentioned channels.

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Via Voitsberg, 6A, 39040 Varna, BZ, Italy


Phone: +390472842665

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