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Hannah and Elia have launched a complete wedding and events planning business to help you plan the occasion you want. From catering to organization their business is there to help.



An important celebration is an event to be treasured

Whether you are celebrating a christening, wedding or milestone birthday, the event needs to match the occasion. Lots of people say they don’t like the fanfare and big party, but in reality we all do secretly love to be spoiled. Organizing a spectacular event can be really difficult. If you are trying to do it alongside a full-time job or are juggling raising a family, getting all the elements together for a big event can be a tricky juggling act. More often than not what starts out as a fun project can quickly turn into something tiresome that you begin to resent. No-one wants that. We want to enjoy the event we are planning for ourselves and loved ones. It can’t turn into a chore.

So what options are there if we are finding planning our event a bit too much?

There are lots of professional businesses who are offering to help us with our event planning. These are trained event managers and teams of people whose sole aim is to help take away the strain and plan the perfect day. Of course, hiring an event planner won’t be the right solution for everyone, many people will want to continue to plan their event completely themselves. However a great wedding planner will always work with you in the way you want. They can either take all of the planning away from you, or work as a helpful assistant with you still very much in control. A great event planner will sit down with you, understand your needs, how you want to work and how you need them to help you. They will adapt to suit what you need and be the perfect companion to planning your event.

Hannah and Elia have launched an event planning business to take your stress away

Hannah and Elia is a newly launched business that is full of both event professionals and a team of enthusiastic young people who want your day to be really special. They choose people to work on their team who are positive, sunny and great people to be around. The last thing you want in an event planner is someone bossy or grumpy, so Hannah and Elia say they focus on hiring calming and happy people. So, whether your wedding is in the Dolomites Italy or somewhere else, they can be there to help

Their company offers a variety of services to help you

As well as wedding planning and event organization, they also offer a fine cooking service and can plan all of your catering needs in-house. So if you are having an authentic feast for your Wedding in Tuscany Italy, then they can help. If you want a wedding planner in Italy then they may be an interesting company to look into.

Hannah & Elia
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