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BrighterWhite has launched their brand-new teeth whitening products and kits to give you that winning smile you’ve always wanted! With a three step simple process, you can say hello to brighterwhite teeth in no time with BrighterWhite’s best teeth whitening products.



BrighterWhite is thrilled to launch their brand-new teeth whitening products. As a company, they set out to help people achieve the pearly white look they’ve always wanted. BrighterWhite recognized that teeth whitening and beauty regimes in general were becoming more and more popular amongst all genders and all ages. Teeth in particular are often an area of concern for many people. These days we are all conscious of our teeth going a little yellow, or being a bit stained, and we are all looking for a value solution. Dreaming of a Hollywood smile is not unusual, but having the money to achieve an A-lister smile is often the problem. That is why BrighterWhite has launched their affordable yet effective teeth whitening kits.

So how do their kits work and what is included? In each BrighterWhite teeth whitening kit you receive four key pieces. The first is the LED accelerator light. This speeds up the whitening results, saving you time and saving some of your precious whitening gel, which is also included in the kit. The advanced teeth whitening gel is what whitens your teeth and kills bad bacteria. Desensitization gel is also included which helps to strengthen your enamel and revitalize your teeth. Finally, the kit also includes mouth trays and a mouth tray case. The trays improve the accuracy of the gel placement and they are also thermoforming. The mouth tray case makes sure you keep the trays sanitary, whilst minimizing bacteria and handily storing your trays. Some of the kits also come with a free teeth whitening pen!

The process of using the kit is really simple. You first apply the gel to the trays, wear the trays in your mouth and sit back and relax whilst the gel does its job! Even if you have sensitive teeth you can still use BrighterWhite’s kits and see long-lasting results. The products in the kit give such great results by gently removing stains and whitening your teeth. As the gel breaks down oxygen works on the stains to change them to a white color, making your teeth much more naturally white.

BrighterWhite has had a ton of feedback that their kit is one of the best teeth whitening products on the market. The gel starts to whiten teeth in just two days, and if you don’t see results they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. However, they have lots of positive testimonials from happy customers saying they now have BrighterWhite teeth and are really pleased with the kit. So if you are one of those people who are yearning for a brighter smile and interested in trying the new kits from BrighterWhite, then visit their new website and learn more at

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