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Solo Music Gear supplies a wide selection of luthier tools & wood stains geared towards the professional and hobbyist in Canada. We are always adding to our catalog as we source the world for those hard to find items.


10/06/2019 is pleased to announce the addition of genuine Wilkinson Guitar Parts in their ‘do it yourself’ kits. With Wilkerson machine heads, Wilkinson pickups and Wilkinson pickups Canada, the guitar you handcraft will be as great as you dreamed of.

Craftsmen have a lot in common with musicians. Both love what they do, and often the one who plays the guitar is also the one who made it. The artist fashioned it with their own two hands, to look and sound like it did in dreams.

When you order a ‘do it yourself guitar kit’, the package will include a well machined body, with the cavities for the neck, pickups and controls, plus all the predrilled pilot holes that will make assembly easy and quick.

The body will be made of select, solid wood which has been sealed to protect the natural moisture content of the wood. Plus, it also has the first stage of finishing completed for you.

The neck will be well made, and machine tooled of either one solid piece of wood or solid wood with a fret-board constructed of the same or varying species. The frets and markers will be already installed, and the tuner pilot holes will be drilled and ready to assemble.

Includedis a pickup or set of them, controls and the correct hardware for the style of guitar you choose. A downloadable step by step instruction guide is available and will provide easy to follow instructions. All you have to do is go to and look under the clearly marked tabs to find the manuals and videos to assist in assembly.

With the addition of Wilkinson Guitar parts, the project can only get better. Wilkinson machine heads promise to fit, as does the Wilkinson pickups. You cannot go wrong with these fine products made by Wilkinson pickups Canada. also offers a wide array of luthier tools and stains. Whether a professional or a hobbyist, there will be just the right type of tool or stain you need to finish the project with a flair which is unique as the person who assembles the guitar.

The catalogue is added to almost constantly, and if the tool you are looking for isn’t there, it hasn’t been made yet. All the tools needed to build and maintain the handcrafted instrument is there. There just has to be a little bit of know how and flair of personality added to make the guitar personal and unique.

Be sure to check out the ‘B’ sections and the sale section to find outstanding deals on guitar parts and accessories. Some items are listed for only a limited time.

Wilkinson Guitar Parts speaks volumes about the craftmanship and joy that goes into assembling and finishing a guitar that would make any artist sing with joy at the quality. Whether you’re just looking for Wilkinson machine heads or Wilkinson Pickups, Wilkinson pickups Canada can supply the parts and accessories needed.

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