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Saviom is a global leader in enterprise resource management and workforce planning solutions. with a global presence in 50+ countries, saviom has helped project managers achieve more from their resources and projects. they can also customize the visibility and access to the different stakeholders based on your requirements. with customized solutions, saviom brings about accurate predictions backed by analytical reports which help managers make informed discussions.

saviom's solutions are also customer-centric in nature. this makes it easy to customize the tool according to the requirements of the managers or stakeholders. they are also easy to integrate with the existing software and tools being used by the company. with point releases every 8-10 weeks, the tools are constantly updated to incorporate expanding project needs.


Resource Management Software

Saviom Enterprise Resource Management is a comprehensive workforce planning and resource scheduling suite that lets businesses maximize operational efficiency. Track statuses with insights drawn from the activities carried out by the talen ... read more

Resource Management Software

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