All About Online Press Releases

Why Write Press Releases? - Google loves news!

Writing press releases is a good way to improve your websites SEO performance. Google and other search engines favour news over other forms of content on the internet. So by branding your content as 'news', Google classes it as important. This means that your news item will appear higher in organic search engine results.

Advantages for the website:
  1. Added content to the website makes it look fresh and up to date.
  2. Gives additional links from press release websites. (search Google to find Press release websites to upload your press release to)
  3. Links from Press release sites are good because they feature news which Google rates.
  4. You can promote news through other social media channels – more links
  5. Promoting news across many websites means you can dominate page one of Google search results.
  6. Adding news regularly means that Google will visit your site more often to see if you have published more news.
  7. Other websites, magazines, newspapers may want to also publish your press release. This gives you more coverage and more links.

Important things to remember when writing a press release

Give the press release a snappy title that is intriguing; make it something that you would want to read yourself. Give a hint as to what the news story is about.

Catchy Headlines

  1. Benefit headlines (eg Amazing new course shows you how to skyrocket your loan pipeline by 300% in 30 days! ).
  2. Summary headlines (eg Scientists grow human ear on back of a mouse )
  3. Question headlines (eg Is the Zune any better than the iPod?' )
  4. Mention Keywords (eg Al Jazeera International chooses Apple Technology )
  5. Does your product solve a problem?

In the first paragraph, qualify why this story is news, why is it news worthy? If you have any keywords that you particularly want noticing, make sure you subtly mention them in your first paragraph. Give a brief outline of the story, and go into more detail in later paragraphs, avoiding excessive use of adjectives and fancy language.