Using Google Adwords for small businesses

Get more leads using Google Adwords

Google adwords has been around for a few years now and for some companies it has become a worthwhile expenditure to get more sales leads. Google adwords appear to the right hand side when you type something into google and see the search results.

How does it work

To use Google Adwords for your small business you need to start by creating your Google Adwords account (and adding a credit/debit card to pay for the costs).

Why use Google Adwords

The best thing about using Google Adwords (or their competitors) is the targetted nature of the advertising. You can show specific adverts for specific search terms and certain times of the day and to limited countries or even towns! It's worth spending some time learning the options which you can set as you may only wish your adverts to appear for customers your town or maybe even within certain counties that you cover.

As part of the online marketing budget

Like all marketing, there's no gauruntee that the marketing spend will turn in to direct sales but the idea here is to increase the leads you get which hopefully will create more sales.

What are the alternatives to Google Adwords?

Other search engines also have paid-for-search offers, Bing and Yahoo for instance both offer their own search based pay per click advertising systems.