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As an expert in household power tools, tilswall makes more durable, aesthetic, light-weight and safer power tools for both professional users and diy enthusiasts. tilswall tools provide better man-machine collaboration, design aesthetics, and greater ease of operation to help you effortlessly build a beautiful home.


M3 Fast Charge Cordless 360 Electric Spin Scrubber

Compared with the last generation, Tilswall M3 electric cleaning brush is equipped with a more powerful motor (5.0Nm, 7.4V, 74W) which makes it much more efficient to remove stubborn stains.

Cleaning Power X 4
Fast-charging Technology: ... read more

m3-electric-cleaning-scrubber.jpg electric-power-cleaning-scrubber.jpg extendable-handle.jpg
M3 Fast Charge Cordless 360 Electric Spin Scrubber

M4 Short-Handle Electric Scrub Brush for Kitchen and Bathroom

Powerful – 3.5Nm torque 7.4V Voltage /60W Power 250/280rpm

Small as it is, M4 short-handle electric scrub brush is equipped with a powerful motor that enables it to remove stubborn stains effectively. It is now the best choice for the ... read more

ポータブルスピンスクラバーキット.jpg short-handle-electric-cleaning-brush.png
M4 Short-Handle Electric Scrub Brush for Kitchen and Bathroom

Laser crylink News

BBO Crystal is One of the Essential Nonlinear Optical Crystals

, Released:28/07/22

BBO Crystal - Beta barium borate crystal

, Released:30/06/22
β-BBO Crystal—a widely used nonlinear crystal for frequency conversion in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared

, Released:05/03/22

Step-by-step-guide to Deep Clean Your BBQ Grill

, Released:05/03/22
It's time to bid farewell to winter. You may have traveled and enjoyed your favorite winter unique dishes this season, no matter what the situation was. However, when it comes to favorite winter foods, you can't avoid the Barbeque, burgers, and backyard cookouts. Here, BBQ grills have played a pivotal part in serving you. It would help clean the entire grill to remove remnants to make it primed and ready.

8 Essential Spring Cleaning Tips for Your House

, Released:02/03/22
Spring cleaning is like a tradition that freshens up our homes. Be the reason for a wide smile on your near and dear one’s face. To be precise, a spring in your step.

How to Wash Your Kitchen Space Sink?

, Released:21/02/22
You may clean your kitchen skin layer like a professional along with a handful of easy measures. It will definitely help you to acquire a sparkling sink every day.

How to Choose the Best Electric Cleaning Brush?

, Released:22/12/21
Imagine you are getting ready for your office, and in the meanwhile, you accidentally drop a container full of pickles. The result? It spilled all over your floor, and you need to clear it by then. Already, your office car is about to pick you up within 10 mins.

The Best Metal Detector for Kids

, Released:02/12/21
There is nothing like treasure hunting that can instill exciting sense, especially for a young child. If you plan to hunt for gold and coins on the beach or park, taking your kids together might be a great idea that enables keep your children busy outdoors for a long time. So invest a metal detector for kids is rewarding.

The Best Metal Detector for Gold Prospecting

, Released:18/11/21
Treasure hunting outdoors is a fun hobby. Nothing gets exciting like gold prospecting! Unlike other metal detecting such as coins and jewelry, gold hunting needs you to use a good metal detector that can detect gold.

How to Use Hot Glue Without Gun?

, Released:13/11/21
The hotmelt glue gun is a very common hardware tool in life and has a very good glue dispensing effect. A wide variety of nozzles are available to meet the requirements of different scenarios, making it very versatile. Today we will give you a few common knowledge.

What Can You Do with the Tilswall Rotary Tool?

, Released:04/11/21
The Tilswall multipurpose rotary tool is the staple device of lots of tool kits worldwide. It accomplished, it's been entitled to popularity due to the unbelievable adaptability. The only point restricting the Tilswall rotary tool is the number of attachments, as well as there are numerous of them. The Tilswall company was the one who initially created the idea of a rotary tool, and also they are still the best at what they do.

Which is Better: Hvlp Paint Sprayers or Airless Paint Sprayers

, Released:03/11/21

How to Use A Hot Glue Gun

, Released:27/10/21
A glue gun is a tool that used for crafts. Initially, its use by tradesmen to patching soles. But now, there are many purposes of a glue gun, such as small repairs, DIY arts, office projects and sealing. You can use the hot glue gun on plastic, fabric, paper, wood, and more. Couple with the colors hot melt glue sticks, you can even create plenty of different crafts.

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