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The Australian home builder having understudied the needs of real estate seekers and investors in Melbourne has improved itshome building service in order to provide clients with quality homes that are cheap and affordable.



Nostrahomes has been in the home building business since 2006. The specialist home builder in Melbourne has focused on the construction of private residential homes for their clients seeking quality and habitable abodes in Australia's popular city. Although they’ve long been respected by stakeholders in the real estate industry as being one of the foremost builders in Melbourne, Nostrahomes has decided to take their service delivery a step further by expanding their market reach to cater for middle and low income earners.

The home builders Melbourne sector has always been a very competitive one with price and expertise being a critical factor in determining which building firm to go for when investors are on the lookout for service firms. The market strategy that’s been adopted by Nostrahomes is one that creates a personalized service for individual client. The management believes that every single individual has a unique set of preferences and expectations regarding what a house should look like. Clients preferences differ and to satisfy them, the houses built for them should not look alike but stand out.

This business strategy adopted by Nostrahomes and they continue to maintain this approach moving forward. With the experience they have garnered over the years they plan to expand their services into newer market areas not reached before now. With the growing opportunities opening up in Melbourne' thriving real estate industry, many more individuals looking to build their homes can leverage on the expertise of this home builder in Melbourne.

Building a home costs a significant amount of investment that many have not been able afford due to the rising cost of real estate materials and contractor fees. NY reducing their building charges, many more low income earners can afford to own their own homes.Their personalized service makes home ownership possible due to the personalized nature of their service. The building model provides clients with a building plan that falls in line with their budget estimate.

According to a top executive of the company, '’Cheap and affordable houses does not indicate a drop-in quality as the company operates within strict guidelines and industry standards laid down for all contractors operating in the industry”. What this means is that, middle and low income earners can still get the good quality homes they desire at a price that is not on the high side. The company states that the quality of their homes is “of a quality that their customers can trust.”

Nostrahomes are active on the internet and they can be contacted by reaching out to their customer service desk via their website Interested parties can also get house and land Melbourne quotes through their website or by contacting them directly by visiting their offices.

Contact Address: 29 Keilor Park Drive, Keilor Park Victoria 3019.


Phone number: (03)83313500

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