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Tribute Boxing & Fitness is a gym with fun, effective and functional boxing programs in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. Get a membership today!



Their innovative training and fitness regime is specially designed and open to interested individuals looking to learn the art of boxing and to keep fit. Their ultra-modern training facility is suited for trainees of all ages.

Tribute boxing is a training facility that has provided coaching and fitness facility to professional boxers since inception. Having garnered so much experience in the boxing business, they have decided to create a program that nonprofessionals can also benefit from.

The coaches at tribute boxing believe that the benefits of keeping is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle when combined with nutrition. Due to the fragility of nonprofessionals and their inability to cope with the physical rigors of going through the entire tough training schedules that professional boxers go through, they have formulated a training regime that people of all ages can key into.

The program is designed to provide trainees with boxing skill acquisition training that is safe and shorttimed. As stated on their website, a single training schedule lasts for just 45 minutes so trainees can complete sessions without suffering from burn out afterwards. Participants who register at their Melbourne boxing gyms can enjoy injury free training regimes as schedules are supervised by expert boxing instructors who operate a safety-first policy.

Beyond the need to acquire boxing skills and to boost the competitive spirit among participants, their ultra-modern Abbotsford boxing gym is equipped with world class training equipment and tools to help trainees stay in shape. The gym is built for individuals of all ages and gender. Regardless of a trainee’s fitness level, Tribute boxing hope that with their program launch, everyone interested in keeping fit and staying healthy can be part of their newly unveiled program.

Visitors to their Richmond gym will be introduced to Tribute boxings, innovative programs incorporating a perfect mix of boxing and cardiovascular exercises. Participants have a choice to opt for only one of the two or both programs. The physical and mental health of trainees cannot be at peak conditions if they are dealing with fatigue and stress-related conditions. By incorporating fitness trainings that boost the cardiovascular system of trainees, their physical conditioning will be at optimum level and under such circumstances, they will be able to apply themselves to their boxing training.

Before now, Tribute boxing only offered few or no opportunities to outsiders who were not professional boxers but with their latest offering, they hope to get more involved in the community. By opening up their Richmond boxing gym to interested members of the community, they hope to promote the call for the need to stay fit as this is a prerequisite for optimum mental and physical health.

Interested individuals can log onto their website to make further enquiries. All the necessary information regarding their training regimes and fitness programs are also available on their website.

Business Address:-

Tribute Boxing and Fitness

22 Grosvenor Street

Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia

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Tribute Boxing also provides boxing classesat Abbotsford. Furnished with state of the art gym equipment and team of well experienced trainers, these boxing classes in Melbourne provide the most efficient boxing training and functional fitness exercise.

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