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To sum up our discussion on how we can safeguard our organizational data while working remotely, we can say that all a user needs to do is connect all the required applications to Azure AD. Along with improving work efficiency it also enables smooth working in a safe environment where your data is away from the prying eyes.



With the social distancing rule implemented in several countries of the world, employees are working remotely. This is resulting in people getting more connected to others and get their things done online. Everyone is trying his best to comply to a new daily routine. The organizations are turning to be more productive during these days. But, it is turning out to be more challenging than ever. Because along with working remotely, they now have to secure their data while sharing and collaborating with each other.

Many analysts are advising people to connect all applications and cloud resources to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to ensure the safety of their data. Every owner of the organization should know that employees use a lot of apps including most popular software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps. The SaaS apps are a collection of services like Zoom, Cisco Webex. It also includes the Workplace from Facebook and several other apps.

Here, Azure AD comes into action and takes control of all your applications. This platform makes sure that workers who are working remotely have secure, uninterrupted access to the tools and resources they require to accomplish their goals. It also protects these tools and resources from unauthorized access of hackers or scammers who are more than active during this turbulent situation.

Get easy access to much-needed apps

When an employee connects all the applications to Azure AD, all they need to do is complete one-time login. The required applications are made available without a VPN. You can also use its Application Proxy feature. To become more efficient and productive in their work, all they need to do is simply go to the My App Portal. In this portal, they can easily find all the apps for which they have permission to use.

Secure your apps using proficient security measures

To enjoy proficient security measures across all the apps, all you need to do is connect your apps to Azure AD. From here, you can imply custom security policies across your entire digital estate and provide these apps the ultimate security it needs. It doesn't matter if you use the strongest or most complex passwords because, at some time or the other, these get stolen. That is why it is suggested to apply multi-factor authentication (MFA) to all accounts. Employees can also enforce Conditional Access policies for controlling and managing their work. By applying such policies, employees can customize settings to allow, limit, or block access of a person when he tries to log in. These implications are based on their location and the apps they are trying to use.

In addition to this, has also developed Microsoft Intune App Protection Policies. By implementing these policies, users can also provide application-level controls. They can do this while maintaining a great user experience on any device that is compatible with the feature implication. The policies of the app can help keep organizational information safe. This it does by restricting employees from sharing work data outside the specified limits.

Introducing self-service and automation to IT sector

Azure AD also offers several tools to simplify the management of ITs. There is a feature in it that is known as Self-Service Password Reset. This allows users in managing passwords on their own that too with an easy procedure.

Get instructions for connecting your apps to Azure AD

Every organization is trying its best to comply with the ongoing crisis. This helps them in enabling the employees to make the best out of available resources. If you do not know how to connect these apps, you can take help from Officemyoffice experts. Those users who have subscribed to Office 365 or Azure can use Azure AD to configure secure SSO for your 10 most critical apps that too completely free. They can also imply multi-factor authentication for all connected apps. Microsoft also offers deployment guidance via its FastTrack program.

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