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SandeshLive is best Bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore. Get secure and reliable Bulk SMS services with SandeshLive API and Fastest bulk SMS Gateway and ensure the highest productivity and success in your businesses. And assure bulk SMS platform offering bulk SMS services across different bulk SMS gateways through its smart & robust API interface helping Enterprise communications.



The SMS was the earliest mode of communication for business promotion in which text messages were sent to the customers. It was one of the most successful channels of digital marketing during those times. Based on the same theme the bulk SMS service was introduced but with many modifications and the use of the latest technology. This service is considered a safe and reliable way of reaching the target audience for various reasons.

Direct communication: The bulk SMS service is a mode of communication that is safe and secure when compared to other digital marketing strategies. It is a form of personal communication where the business is in direct contact with its audiences through their smartphones. As per a survey, more than 97% of text messages are read by users and of which 90% of them are read in the first 5 minutes of delivery. So that essentially means that a majority of smartphone users engage in text messages or content and thus a reliable way to reach the target audience.

Increased use and reach of mobiles: There is a huge growth in the usage of smartphones all across the world. In India alone, there are more than 307 million mobile users and the numbers have doubled in the past decade or so. Moreover, as per research, it is expected to grow much further in the coming years. Also, the number of people going online using mobile has increased and more than 75% of the rural areas go online using the mobile device. With the customer preference for receiving promotional offers by text messages, marketing strategies is more focused on bulk SMS.

Rapid and on-target: Another reason for the bulk SMS service being highly reliable is that unlike other marketing channels there is no guesswork involved on whether the messages have reached the target audience or not as this marketing is permission-driven, meaning messages are sent only after subscription. That means users have opted to receive messages and hence there is a high likelihood of the messages being read.

Another reason for its popularity is that be it promotional or transactional SMS it can be sent quickly and also read quickly. So if you want to transmit some information that needs to be sent quickly to a maximum number of users so that the user can respond a bulk SMS service comes in handy.

Cost-effective with high returns: If you are a small business or a company that is running on a tight budget then the bulk SMS service is a safe bet. It is a high return but low investment strategy where a simple text message can shore up your business with increased sales. When other forms of advertising like the TV, or the print is out of your budget then SMS brings a great return on investment and one which can be put into work quickly allowing the company to reach people effectively, quickly and at very low cost.

Offers convenience: Apart from the fact that bulk SMS service is direct, cost-effective and easy to manage it also provides the convenience of it being available 24/7 to the companies. The SMS can be sent any time as there is a lot of advantages to timing the messages.
· Having delivery time flexibility means that the messages are sent based on demographics and when the messages are likely to be read by the target audience.
· It can be sent within a matter of a few seconds
· It can send messages outside of the company location which helps it to expand and grow as it can be sent to any location across the world.

More effective than email: Email marketing is considered the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy as it helps to start the conversation and also to reach out to future customers and prospects. If there is any other cost-effective strategy that can beat email marketing is the bulk SMS.
SMS has 5 times higher open rate and quicker response time than Email and on an average 97.5% of SMS are opened within 5 seconds of it reaching the mobile. No wonder bulk SMS service is considered a reliable mode of communication to grow business

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SandeshLive being one of the top service providers in terms of unified communication services all over India. We provide the fast and secure SMS, IVR and call centre services across India through its smart & robust API interface, intelligent architecture and advanced delivery mechanisms. For more info:

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