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BakingBadin Fusions

Baking Bad takes pride in being the leading supplier of professional cream chargers and dispensers in the United Kingdom market.

Writing Yard

Emily's artistic flair adds a visual dimension to our guest posts. Her stunning graphics not only grab readers' attention but also improve the overall user experience, which Google rewards with higher rankings. Cezar Grumazescu Net Worth [Updated 2023], Age, Spouse, Height, Weight, Kids, Parents & More

Jamaica Vibez

Jamaica Vibez Rum Cake Company use the finest ingredients in our cakes. We pride ourselves on providing quality authentic cakes for our customers. Quality control is important to us therefore we maintain our standards.

Moc Buyy

Discover inspiring blogs on food, travel, technology, health and personal development. Get inspired to improve your cooking, technology and travel knowledge with our collection of blogs about food, recipes, technology, health, travel and personal development at MocBuyy. Get the latest recipes, travel guides, and health tips to improve your lifestyle.

The Ethos Experience

At The Ethos Experience, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil is an excellent oil made from fully sun-ripened olives from Blackburn. The olive oil is made from the first cold pressing by strictly mechanical means, which allows the olive oil to retain all the beneficial nutrients and possessions of olives and maximizes the fruity olive flavour. A hard to find perfect olive oil at an excellent price. Rest assured that we will continue to produce Olive Products that you can trust completely.

The Robins Bakery

We manufacture Cakes, Biscuits, shortbreads, Pies & Savoury Goods such as Pasties and sausage rolls for sale to cafes, sandwich shops, schools, pubs catering businesses and other businesses. We deliver 3 days per week throughout Lancashire but can deliver nationwide on request.

Sildisoft Tablets

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Milaad 2


Cleardata UK Ltd is a UK based document management company who specialise in cloud based document management, document scanning, archive storage and document shredding. Cleardata are an ISO accredited document scanning bureau, and their document management solutions can help securely manage any type of information or content. Cleardata also provide intelligent data capture services, onsite scanning, document shredding and digital mailroom services.

Ginger Bar & Restaurant

Bengal Indian Cuisine

Desi Palace

Vantage Indian Restaurant

Mughal Dynasty

The Rajdoot


Jay Raj | The Best Indian Restaurant in Luton Luton is home to some of the best restaurants in the country, including Jay Raj, the best Indian restaurant in the area. We are the curators of delicious, gorgeous, totally authentic Indian food, cooked to absolute perfection with only the most fragrant spices and the freshest locally sourced ingredients. We avoid any chemicals and harmful combinations to ensure that every mouthful is a treat to your senses and may make your palate sing with happiness. We offer something for every type of eater out there, from excellent, classic appetizers like Tandoori to biryani and beyond! We also take pleasure in our exceptional service; from the minute you walk into our establishment, through your first bite, to the moment you depart, every second is spent in the warmth, comfort, and scent of real Indian splendor. Pay with cash or credit card, then sit back and relax while we prepare delicacies you'll never forget, only from the great chefs and excellent wait staff at Jay R


Welcome to the Curry Palace, the pride of Cambridge's hotel sector, where we introduce foodies from across the world to the joys and secrets of authentic Indian cuisine. We also have a perfect 5/5 on the Cuisine Hygiene Rating meter, proving our dedication not just to high-quality cuisine and hospitality, but also to hygiene and the health of our valued customers. After all, we have five-star reviews on both TripAdvisor and Google, indicating how much our regulars (and soon-to-be regulars!) like our food and atmosphere. Our restaurant won the Bangladeshi Caterers Association (BCA) award for Best Restaurant of the Year 2014 in the East Anglia region, as well as the MasterChef Promotions 2015 Cook-Off prize for best restaurant in the East Anglia region. If you're looking for the greatest Indian restaurant in Cambridge, look no further. We have everything, from beautiful dine-in services to quick and convenient takeout alternatives. Examine our meal specials, pay with cash or credit card, and dive in! We're e

Shad Indian Restaurant

Paul The Pie Man Standish

"The Pie Man has been delivering beautiful Lancashire Pies across the North West for the last five years. We off a door step delivery service providing fresh pies directly from the bakery on a daily basis. Baked on the day, delivered on the day. Free delivery is available within a ten mile radius of Standish and there is no minimum order. We are small enough to care, big enough to cope. We also cater for functions so please get in touch today to discuss."

Sahara UK Foods

Sahara UK Foods are BRC & Organic Supplier of Dried Fruits in the UK. Our main products include Conventional & Organic pitted dates, chopped dates, date paste, date syrup, Coconut products, Sesame Seeds, Pistachios and other nuts. For full range & prices, please contact

Mystic Matcha

The best quality ORGANIC japanese MATCHA at the best price



Healthy snacks are made for good health of children as well as adults. Adolescent children tend to feel more cravings for different types of unhealthy food. But this problem can be solved by offering them healthy and tasty eating options that will not have any bad effect on their body and also prevent teen obesity.

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