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Protium is a very trustable Green Hydrogen trading Platform that is completely environmentally friendly. Project Protium is the result of more than 7 years’ worth of research and development by London-based project protium ltd. It is an innovative eco-system encompassing the production, shipping, supply, and trading of Green Hydrogen utilizing AI and secure online storage. Project Protium is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Project Protium will provide stakeholders access to low-cost on-demand Green Hydrogen from seawater for utilization within various market sectors. The Green Hydrogen will be obtained by splitting seawater into hydrogen and oxygen. Everyone can participate to help bring about our vision of a net-zero future.

Waste2 Environmental Systems Limited

Waste2ES is a food waste management and recycling company that empowers businesses across multiple sectors to see food waste as a potential driver of cost savings and revenue generation. Food waste is generally seen as a problem to be dealt with and an associated expense. Paying others to take away the waste creates no resultant revenue for your business. According to Waste2ES, it doesn’t have to be like that. Our systems help businesses of varying sizes handle waste and recycling efficiently (and profitably). We can turn your food waste into a valuable resource by using innovative technologies like anaerobic digesters to create green energy.

Green Thermal Energy

Green Thermal Energy provides advanced, environmentally-friendly technologies for the UK market. From CO2 refrigeration to simultaneous heating and cooling systems, we have the products to help save you energy without compromising on performance! To discuss your project requirements, please call 01253 685 145 today.

Geo Green Power

Geo Green Power are experts in solar panels and photovoltaic (PV) energy. We design, install, and maintain both large scale and domestic Solar Panel Systems. Solar Panel Installers, Solar Panels, Solar Panel Design, Solar PV, Solar PV Installers, Solar PanelsMidlands, Geo Green Power.


Since 1997, VitaMedica has offered a targeted line of nutraceuticals for recovery and wellness through aesthetic medical practices including aesthetic plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, medical skin care clinics and medical spas. For more information, please call VitaMedica at 1-888-367-8605 or visit

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