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Bastion Europe Ltd

Our vision is to ensure advanced solutions for protection and comfort and to make them available around the globe. Bastion provide all type of disposable gloves and personal protective equipment. For more details Call us at (020)-3059-7740 or Email us at

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The Ethos Experience
At The Ethos Experience, Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil is an excellent oil made from fully sun-ripened olives from Blackburn. The olive oil is made from the first cold pressing by strictly mechanical means, which allows the olive oil to retain all the beneficial nutrients and possessions of olives and maximizes the fruity olive flavour. A hard to find perfect olive oil at an excellent price. Rest assured that we will continue to produce Olive Products that you can trust completely.
The Blackchair
Blackchair is a provider of voice, data and contact center services and solutions. CX DevOps Automation for Genesys, Avaya, Cisco. With over 14 years experience
Debaki Collection LLC
DeBaki Collection, LLC is a premium fashion and lifestyle brand specializing in high-quality cotton apparel, fine leather goods, and distinctive accessories. Rooted in a deep respect for cultural heritage, the brand draws its unique aesthetic and design inspiration from the Hausa Tribe of Northwestern Nigeria. With a product line known as "The Black Collection," DeBaki Collection aims to bring the intricate craftsmanship and rich cultural narratives of the Hausa people to a global audience.

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