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Dovetail is a team of professionals who work together to help you through your divorce. We are all committed to nurturing an amicable relationship between you and your ex-partner, keeping the interests of your children and other close family members at the heart of the discussions and supporting you to build the foundations for a positive future.

Fixed Price Divorce Service

Fixed Price Divorce Service is a team of family lawyers and accredited mediators. They have more than 40 offices in England and Wales. They specialize in helping couple’s divorce at a fixed cost, fast and stress free. To know more, visit,

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Canter Levin & Berg Solicitors

Canter Levin & Berg is a large regional firm of solicitors based on Merseyside. From our offices in Liverpool City Centre, our specialist solicitors offer a wide range of legal services to both commercial clients and private individuals. As a firm we have been providing legal services to the people of Merseyside and further afield since 1947. Our reputation is rooted in our ability to provide efficient and effective legal representation for our clients. From road traffic accidents and personal injury claims through to criminal and family law services, employment law and private client services our friendly, efficient and professional staff have the expertise to deal with your legal requirements.

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Hunt Solicitors

Hunt Solicitors are the largest legal practice in Holywood. We offer a full range of legal services from our centrally located office in High Street. Our continuing growth and success is based firmly on working closely with our clients and co-ordinating all other parties connected to a case to reach a conclusion to every matter as quickly as possible

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