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Photon Power Technology Ltd.

Photon Power Technology Limited specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of high voltage power supplies. With extensive experience in areas such as medical laser, electron beam, x-ray systems and DC sputtering.

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HiTek Power Ltd

HiTek Power is acknowledged as a global leader in the design and manufacture of High and Low Voltage power supplies providing complete solutions for a wide range of standard and OEM applications.

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Applied Kilovolts Ltd

APPLIED KILOVOLTS specialises in high voltage power supplies in the range 1kV to 60kV and concentrates on modular power supplies. It has become the leading supplier of high stability, precision modules for the scientific instrument market in the UK.

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Accel Power Supplies Ltd

Accel Power Supplies Ltd designs and manufactures high voltage power systems that play a crucial role in scientific and analytical applications.

Power Supplies | X-Ray Source Power | Ion Pump Power | High Voltage | Capacitor Charging Power

VisionPower Ltd

VisionPower specilises in the design, manufacture and supply of custom power supplies for avionic, military, and telecom applications.

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