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Truepush is a free web push notification service with easy WordPress, API, and Shopify integration. More than 39,000 brands service and save up to $600 per month on push notifications. It is the perfect solution for any industry website to send push notifications about their websites and engage subscribers. The Truepush WordPress plugin works with all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and more. All features are free up to 10,000 customers, post that affordable pricing than other push tools in the market with the same features. Features of Truepush RSS to Push Users can automatically send push notifications whenever there is a new addition to the site. RSS feed to push are very customizable with Truepush. You can set delays between notifications, use different push notification templates, create unlimited RSS feed campaigns, and more. Segmentation Audience segmentation is crucial to send personalized push notifications. With Truepush you segment subscribers as per country, brows

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