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Teacosyfolk designs and sells tea cosies, but not the boring and groovy sorts of tea cosy that your grandma used to have, we design tea cosies with character.

the tea cosy range are based on people and their characters, so we have a policeman tea cosy and the queen tea cosy, but we also have vehicles, animals and event tea cosies too such as the medieval castle tea cosy celebrating heritage open days.

primarily i sell tea cosy knitting patterns, however when designing a new tea cosy i do knit the designs which i also sell.

i also offer a bespoke tea cosy service where i will design and knit a tea cosy that looks like your friend or loved one for a special occasion. maybe a birthday, anniversary, wedding or graduation.

if you have a look at my website and the tea cosy designs i'm sure you'll agree, there's nothing quite like my tea cosy knitting patterns on the market. i have had a really good response to my patterns by happy customers who inspire and spur me on to design more fantastic tea


Beekeeper tea cosy

The beekeeper tea cosy looks a bit like a bygone age. She has her smoker, with smoke coming out of the nozzle, and a skep to catch a new swarm of bees. There are eight honeybees buzzing about her. And each bee has a slight fluffiness to it' ... read more

beekeeper-tea-cosy-knitting-pattern.jpg beekeeper-teacosy.jpg beekeeper-tea-cosy.jpg
Beekeeper tea cosy

Firefighter tea cosy

The firefighter tea cosy knitting is a fun and unique tea cosy of a firefighter in action with water jetting out of his hosepipe.

His uniform is knitted with neon yarn stripes to give the reflector look. He has 'FIRE' written on his ba ... read more

firefighter-teacosy.jpg firefighter-teacosy.jpg firefighter-teacosy-knittingpattern.jpg
Firefighter tea cosy

Fox Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern & Fox Tea Cosy

The Fox tea cosy is a real stunner because he's so cute. The fox fur is accomplished with brown eye lash wool making the fox look quite realistic.

The fox has a pointed face, tall pointed ears and a beautiful brush tail.

The tea cosy ... read more

c2b fox-side.jpg c2b fox-head.jpg c2b urban-fox-teacosy.jpg
Fox Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern & Fox Tea Cosy

Peacock Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern

We don't mean to crow, but we think you're going to love the Peacock tea cosy.

A stunning bird caught as a tea cosy with great attention to detail. This is rather a long tea cosy knitting pattern with 8 pages, so it's a project that wil ... read more

pea.jpg pea.jpg pea.jpg
Peacock Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern

Medieval Castle Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern

The medieval castle tea cosy is based on a motte and bailey style stone castle commonly built by the Normans. The castle with it's tower and look out sits on the top of a grassy knoll for the best vantage point. The Castle also sports an or ... read more

c2b medieval castle tea cosy.jpg c2b medieval-castle-tea-cosy-back.jpg
Medieval Castle Tea Cosy Knitting Pattern

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