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Different types of mobile APPs on the Basis of Mobile Technology .A mobile application development is one which can run just like the native app on mobile devices.



When it comes to a web application development it is essential that a website is designed equally for mobile browsers because these days huge number of users exist on social platforms as well and they need a application that runs perfectly on their mobile devices so that they can have access to this while on the go they are using their mobile.

Much application designed for web browsers may run well on mobile browsers as well but sometimes you need a separate designed application to suitably run on mobile devices and when you need a perfect Mobile App Development you need to take care that they are different in terms of screen size, display and functionalities.

A perfect mobile app is one which can run just like web application on mobile platforms. Often a single website is compatible enough to run well both on mobile browsers and web browsers. Surely because mobile operating systems are different from that operating system of pc and laptop it is possible that separate application need to be created. So understanding the functionalities of mobile devices become essential when you want to specifically target mobile users with your design.

A mobile application development is one which can run just like the native app on mobile devices. Often these are classified on their basis of functionalities. App classification on the basis of mobile technology and functionalities can go like this:

1. Business app – More and more business are targeting their potential customers with mobile oriented application because they are well aware of the fact those there users prefer using business profiles with their mobile devices itself. Business apps are important for business success that are targeting mobile users.
2. Gaming app – Many firms are also providing mobile gaming experience for their users. Mobile gaming application are little different in a way because they require features like augmented reality and virtual reality.
3. Educational app – Educational industry are highly aware and every now and then they are bringing educational application for students on mobile devices. Not only students this apps also target those mothers and teachers who wish to learn with app so that they can teach with better knowledge.
4. Entertainment app – These are app which are concern with any types of entertainment services. There are many entertainment apps that provide services like chatting, music; videos etc. there are separate apps for this experience which can be downloaded on mobile for entertainment experiences.
5. Lifestyle app – The purpose of such apps is to enhance the living style of mobile users. This includes daily tips for improvement of lifestyle of users in one or the other way. There are various health applications, weight loss applications and styling application which can be downloaded on mobile devices.
6. Utility app – Any app which can meet well the utility of mobile users can be said as Utility app. This may be different from specific users and they may download it as per their requirements. This includes booking apps, cab app etc.
7. Social connectivity app – These days social connectivity is essential and thus social apps are also very much required. There can be many number of social media apps for mobile users.

It is sure that when it comes to mobile application development you need to have a clear understating of feature and functionalities that your website abides to provide. With this it is equally important to identify the user that you are actually targeting. mobile application development is quite different from web application development and if it is wisely designed by some mobile app development company UK for mobile users can be meaningfully targeted.

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