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Certified concrete Epoxy flooring specialist, Kansas City Concrete Solutions caters the durable epoxy floorings.



Overland Park, Kansas ( ) October 26, 2017 - Smooth and polished concrete flooring is the core beauty and comfort element of a building. Kansas City Concrete Solutions, the premium concrete flooring company in the city specialized in offering professional polished flooring solutions. Kansas City concrete deals with epoxy flooring in the Kansas City area.

Epoxy is a substance that is produced when resins and hardeners are mixed to together. Epoxy helps the flooring to resist from degradation and weather. It is mostly used in the commercial and industrial flooring. This flooring is a durable substitute to the common flooring material such as marble, wood and ceramic tiles.

The variant of epoxy is the epoxy coating which is the mix of less than 2mm. The usage of epoxy coating can be determined based on the resistance and durability needed. The benefits of Epoxy Flooring are that it is easy to clean and maintain.

"Our objective is to provide an easy to maintain and at the same time elegant looking floorings to the customers. It is very difficult to have complete dust free floor with other flooring material because of the eroding. But epoxy helps to give a complete dust free floor with its very minimal eroding property. A dry wipe will make the floor sparkle. Humid is another major issue of flooring" said a spokesperson.

Kansas City Concrete Solutions focuses on providing the best flooring solutions to its customers. They have specialized teams who will install the floorings professionally. Epoxy Floor Coating in Kansas City will give resistance to mold which therefore reduce allergies and asthma. Epoxy flooring has also the advantage for being flexible to experiment variety of designs. This makes it very usual in imprinting logos and emblems. This characteristic of epoxy flooring makes it usual for offices and industrial surfaces. It is also very easy to use apart from the holes that get formed at the first installation. Second installation is the coating which takes just few seconds. Epoxy flooring in Kansas City is effortless installation.

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Kansas City Concrete Solutions has been offering epoxy flooring for over 10 years and have experience in solid cleaning and epoxy flooring for private and industrial utilization. Visit

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Concrete Solutions is a Kansas City based concrete polishing company that offers a wide range of services including polishing concrete flooring, concrete coating, floor grinding, etc. The Company was started in 2003 by Bob Loudon and his wife Cathy. Interested customers can request for a call back through the contact form on their website. To know more, visit,

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