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rTMS International - TMS Therapy London offers quality TMS therapy to everyone who is suffering from mental disorders like depression.



rTMS International - TMS Therapy London ( takes pride in their comprehensive TMS therapy, perfect for everyone with depression, dysthymia disorder, and more. With their team of experienced specialists and state-of-the-art facilities, all patients can guarantee a high standard of treatments from them.

This clinic offers a full round of TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, which is consists of 20-30 sessions. They provide their patients with an initial consultation to give them some insights on what to expect and do before, during, and after each session. The procedure will be done by their highly experienced doctors, ensuring a totally painless treatment that comes with minimal to no side effects. The positive effects may not be noticeable during the early stages of treatment. After about 10 sessions, patients can experience some decrease in their symptoms and depressive episodes. However, to fully achieve excellent results, all sessions must be completed consistently.

Those who will acquire their treatments can expect a painless and safe procedure, so no anaesthesia shots are required. Patients would only experience light tapping around the area where the coil is located. Some patients find this to be irritating but not painful. The clinic’s team of doctors would then slowly increase the power until the patient’s hands twitch. This can be adjusted according to each patient’s response to the treatment.

For years of providing everyone with a high standard of treatment, rTMS International - TMS Therapy London is proud to be one of the most trusted clinics of TMS therapy across the UK. They have so far helped a huge number of patients, relieving them from their depressive episodes. According to them: “Our experts here at RTMS International have so far seen significant improvement in our clients’ cases. In fact, our clients with TMS depression are experiencing up to a 75% decrease in their symptoms. Meanwhile, our clients with obsessive compulsive disorder have shown a 60% decrease in their symptoms”.

This clinic also offers their services to everyone around the world as their staff will take care of all the travel needs potential patients may need. For more information, visit their official website now at

About rTMS International - TMS Therapy London
rTMS International - TMS Therapy London offers quality TMS therapy to everyone who is suffering from mental disorders like depression. They aim to make this treatment accessible to as many people as possible by catering to everyone around the world. Their team of doctors has honed their skills and knowledge through the years to make sure that their services will improve the mental state of their patients. They also have professional psychologists who can provide patients with therapy on top of the treatment. For enquiries, you can fill out their contact form at You may also call them at 02082438578 or send them an email at

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rTMS International - TMS Therapy London is a well-known TMS therapy provider across the UK. Our team of professional psychologists can help treat depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and dysthymic disorder. With its long-term effects, you can move forward free from your mental disorder. Our TMS treatment consists of around 20 to 30 sessions, which are completely painless and drug-free. With our safe procedure, you can almost guarantee no side effects during and after the treatment. We offer a consultation for everyone who is interested.

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