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Petrochemical products are commonly used products these days.



They are widely used for manufacturing of certain other products like bags, plastic and automobile machineries. They are also often used as lubricants for many products as well. Whether it is Base oil Sn500 or naphthenic base oils each has its own benefit and characteristics which makes it suitable for

Petrochemical products are refined and after being extracted from the Earth's crust they are send to different oil refineries for separation and purification so that they can be broken and used alone or combination with other product for better manufacturing process. Even though such petrochemical product are formed from the compounds which are all nonreactive to each other and can be easily separated with easy refining process but such process may vary depending upon the type of petrochemical product.

Each product has its own range of boiling points and this means that they can be separated using different heating processes which can be called as fractional distillation process. Among this the lightest and the most volatile compounds boil at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit when compared to the heaviest one. When it is least volatile the boiling point can be more and this could be 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sources of petrochemical product like simple base oil or advanced Base oil Sn600 may vary and it is a highly sought after resource. Most of the world's oil comes from different countries, the list of which is limited. Middle East is good source of oil and petrochemical products and this includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Iraq. Some of the major producers of such oil also include the United States, Russia, Mexico and Venezuela.

Even though the production of other petrochemical product likes White spirt vary and thus the sources must also vary than the extraction of general base oil or crude oil products. The production of such oil is much refined process and its production took more than tens of millions of years to produce this oil but as per the consumption of such oil there are many supplies till date but if the right source continues to face there could be sources exhausted by 2030. Thus it is very essential to find out new sources for such petrochemical products or reducing of the application and use of such product must be reduced or replaced by other relevant products.

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