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Flappy Bird was one of the popular mobile apps, games that have created a revolution in the world of mobile gaming market. Backed by stunning features this game is quite interesting.



Flappy Bird was one of the popular mobile apps, games that have created a revolution in the world of mobile gaming market. Backed by stunning features this game is quite interesting.
Online gaming platforms have always remained very popular among the youngsters that allow you to play some stunning games online, free of cost straight from your PC. However, with the advent of Smart Phone apps online mobile apps, games have started replacing all kinds of traditional games both online as well as offline games. Well the main USP of all these app games is that they are easily downloadable straight to your mobile handsets directly from the Google App store with free of cost.
Thus, for this very simplicity, user friendliness and for stunning features all these app games have gained massive popularity all across the globe. Well, among all app games that are available online Flappy Bird was considered as one of the finest and the most popular apps game that has brought a revolution among the fraternity of the online mobile gaming markets. Well, this very game was developed by Nguyen Ha Dong a Vietnam based developer who has created a magic in entire apps and social media platform through this very game.
Flappy Bird is a mobile apps game that was released on 24th May 2013 and soon after its launch, this game has created a revolution in entire web community that is both in the app store and in the social media platform like Facebook. This very game has actually redefined the very way people used to play online games as from these the popularity of mobile apps games has reached its peak. It is a game based on side scrolling where you need to move the bird by tapping the screen.
This very game Flappy Bird, however, has been criticized from little corners mainly for its level of difficulty and for its alleged plagiarism on its graphics. Apart from these few issues, the game had become the heartthrob for all the game lovers. Here the game’s concept is that you need to move the Flappy Bird towards the right of your screen through bypassing some pipes that come your way as an obstacle. Therefore, if the bird collides with the pipe, then the game gets over and you do not get any points for that round. Thus, more you move the forward by bypassing all the coming obstacles more score you would be adding to your game.
Thus, you can well understand from the fact that how interesting the game was to play that comes bundled with various stunning features that helps the game gaining so popularity in apps world. Still today people main the farmers used to discuss about the game that have played it earlier as unfortunately due to some reasons the game was pulled down from the app store and thus get removed for ever. There remains lots of speculation regarding the sudden withdrawing of the game from the web community so we are not going into details regarding the issue. Though recently many new games has been launched like Flappy Pig, Flappy Fish, etc. All have actually taken the concept from this very game of Flappy Bird. Recently launched games have just changed the characters from bird to Fish, Pig, etc. However, the overall concept remains almost similar.

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Welcome to the best place to play Flappybird on the internet fast loading and completely free of charge.Flappy bird is regarded as one of the leading online mobile apps game that has brought a revolution in the world of mobile gaming. All has praised the game for its user friendliness. Over the preceding few years, there has been a rising demand for all kinds of online mobile gaming mostly among the youngsters. Among all the mobile games the Flappy Bird mobile apps game simply leads the gaming world.

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