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r Moretsky and Cassidy are able to benefit a wider group in Arizona with advanced eye care.



Lasik eye-surgery has been fore-fronted by clinics in Glendale and Mesa for years. Now, a clinic based in Arizona looks to charge the ranks with a brilliant sense for customer service, as well as a host of technology that provides customers with the most enhanced Lasik experience possible.

Fifth Generation Interlase is one of the most advanced forms of Lasik eye surgery available, and this Phoenix clinic offers it to its patients. Dr Moretsky and Dr Cassidy’s Lasik clinic specializes in the field of laser eye surgery. With top of the range machines like iDesign, they’re able to accurately map any abnormalities with the eye for pre-operative reference.

Using these sorts of advanced resources, Dr Moretsky and Cassidy are able to provide their patients with a tailored experience every time. Customers find themselves commending the two doctors, time after time for their expertise and level of service.

iLasik surgery is not the same as laser eye surgery, despite the similarity in name. Laser eye surgery works through the eyeball itself being burned, and its form changed just enough to manipulate the eye and correct vision. iLasik uses a specialist military grade lens to improve vision to a HD level, ona reversible basis.

Patients quote their vision as above average post ilasik surgery, Noah M, a past patient quoted his current eyesight to be at a “20/10” level. He also mentioned that “the doctors do not pressure you and their financing makes it quite palatable”. By not limiting their clientele to the elite, Dr Moretsky and Cassidy are able to benefit a wider group in Arizona with advanced eye care.

The same iLasik technology used by the clinic has a high regard not only for every day clients, but within America’s mot valued organisations. The US army has approved only the iLasik surgery for its soldiers, and NASA too have solely approved iLasik for their astronauts.

Being among the same clientele as America’s most valued citizens should give you every comfort in the surgery’s successful abilities in restorative eye treatment.

To the specifics of the eye surgery itself, Dr Moretsky and Cassidy are amongst the very few eye doctors that will use an ultrasonic biomicroscopy to prioritize the best possible outcome for each and every client. Few eye clinics use this preoperative technique due to its expense, despite it working extraordinarily efficiently in creating a 3D image of the eye itself. This means that the implantation process of the artificial lens (also known as an ICL) is as successful as possible.

The surgery itself is conducted over the course of a few weeks, with initial eye preparation beginning a few weeks before the actual surgery, and recovery taking anything from a day to a couple of days. Military study results quote that the success of the surgery is guaranteed with 96% of patients having at least or over 20/20 vision, and 99% being able to see as well as when wearing glasses or better.

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