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At Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction, they offer Lasik Vision Correction to help people see better in Arizona. Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy are the two founding doctors of the company, and together they have a 35-year reputation for quality work.



Dr. Moretsky and his medical partner Dr. Cassidy are the two doctors at the heart of the MoretskyCassidy Vision Correction practice. Together they have been practicing with each other for over 35 years. One of the two doctors will always pre-screen or operate on each and every patient. Not only do they both have many years of experience, they have also both received awards and accolades for their work. They are both highly respected in their field and area of expertise. They both hold numerous Associate Professor positions at various universities, and they both also volunteer and help with trials for a number of projects. As well as this, they both teach at medical schools whilst still practicing.

Unlike other medical firms, they are not owned or operated by a large medical conglomerate, but are owned and run by the two doctors. Many other similar Lasik Vision Correction centers will be corporately owned, with many temporary or visiting surgeons, but that is not how MoretskyCassidy Vision Correction works. Both doctors know the local area well, as they have lived in the wider area for well over thirty years. They both make sure they maintain a hands on level of input in the running of the surgery, by both personally attending to each patient, and making sure they dictate the quality of care and service that the surgery delivers.

Both doctors are Lasik Surgeons, offering Lasik Vision Correction. The aim of the surgery is to give glasses and contact lens wearers more independence from their eyewear. The surgery has the very best and highest quality advanced technology and very knowledgeable staff, to make sure surgery is performed correctly and successfully. The practice has undertaken hundreds of thousands of ophthalmic micro-surgical procedures and over 20,000 Lasik surgeries; two impressive statistics that are a testament to the surgeries experience. Lasik surgery is undertaken in their center, using the completely no-knife Lasik intralase method. Custom wavefront and iris identification technology is used to achieve the best results. The surgery also claims to have some of the best and most personalized overall patient care. They say they do not operate an assembly line, but instead take their time over each patient, screening and examining them in great detail before surgery.

Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction offer a number of specific Lasik Vision Correction services. Whatever your specific eye problem, the doctors claim they will give you a personalized consultation and process of discussion which will make you feel comfortable and happy. If you are considering LASIK and want to know more about the process and the doctors at MoretskyCassidy Vision Correction, you can read more about the services they offer on their website

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Arizona Lasik

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Phoenix, AZ, 85015, USA


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