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Laser eye surgery can be a liberating experience -finally being rid of glasses and free to see the world without restraint. However, the side effects from some surgeries can put clients off from ever being glasses free. A laser eye surgery clinic based in Arizona is trying to work through some of the negative stigma laser eye surgery can get. By implementing one of the most advanced eye scanners in its clinic, Dr Moretsky and Dr Cassidy’s LASIK centre is looking to be one of Phoenix’s finest.



The clinic itself is headed by Dr Moretsky and Dr Cassidy, two doctors who have frequented the page of Forbes, the Better Business Bureau and Arizona Magazine, listed as the best doctors around. This sort of recognition and success is due to an extreme focus on customer satisfaction, in conjunction with a high level of expertise on part of the doctors.

Their joint bio states them to place immense focus on “treating their patients as individuals” – another relevant mention in their bio is their “state of the art technology”, the perfect duo in putting these two doctors at the very forefront of the Arizona laser eye surgery business.

The latest machine purchased by the clinic is simply extraordinary. It not only suits laser eye surgery use, but is also perfect for cataracts – it’s the iDesign system. This remarkable machine captures all pre-operative data using some of the most developed integrated equipment on the market today.

The iDesign system works as the mastermind behind your surgery; be it for laser eye, or even cataract removal. It generates a high-definition scan of your eyeballs. The scan provides precise measurements as well as maps of irregularities on, and within the eyeball itself.

This data provides a perfectly accurate resource for your doctor to reference during consultations and during surgery, ensuring that no wrong move is taken, and that any even previously unnoticed problems, can be flagged up and treated with haste.

The main aspect that ties this machine so well to laser eye surgery, is its immediate generation of a full iLASIK treatment plan. This treatment plan goes beyond the surgery itself, delving into even after-care – every bit of this information is specifically catered for your eyes in particular.

This means that this clinic will provide every single patient with pre-operative data that is entirely specific to their eyes, and not only this, but a full treatment plan based on them as individuals.

All of this adds up to one successful clinic that, by putting its patients at the forefront, has integrated relevant technology to best suit them. Other top of the range machines available are also conducive towards enhanced patient experience. These include the latest bladeless operative machinery, Custom VUE and Lasik Evolution.

It’s well worth giving this small-time clinic a shot, if not for their experience and expertise, then for the chance to benefit from some of the world’s best surgery-based eye technology.

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Arizona Lasik

2125 W Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ, 85015, USA


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