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Prytec Solutions take pride in supplying the right machinery, CNC Machines, Fibre Lasers, UV Printers, Large Format Printers and many more. Find us in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane where we are engraving, Milling and Vinyl Cutting Consumables.



Prytec has been exploring laser technology for more than 15 years and creating modern day advanced laser appliances for the future. Our team of researchers is always working at developing and enhancing our already existing laser systems for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

The highly modular platforms created by the research team enable laser power cartridges to be interchanged with upgradable system options as well. As the customer’s business evolves, the laser systems purchased from Prytec can be reconfigured to the new requirements, providing the customer with flexibility and complete protection over his investment with us.

Advantages of Laser Tech

The software required to run a laser system can easily be controlled. Laser technology is not constricted to a metal or material; it can process on endless number of surfaces. The metal cutting machine Melbourne purchased from Prytec can be used for performing multiple tasks such as cutting, marking, engraving etc.

Our laser systems are based on a non-contact factor wherein no physical human force need be applied to modify the material. Every business has its own customized need, a Prytec laser system enables the customer to produce or remodel at their own convenience with no hard tooling involved in the procedure.

Your Guide to Laser Systems

Our commitment to extensive research and development, along with more than a decade long experience in the laser systems industry has led us to delivering high end products to our consumers. There are certain unique features in our laser systems that are exclusive only to our systems including excellent performance, precision and reliability.

Our laser products are patented, highly productive, effective and profitable for any organization. It is imperative for a company or an individual to learn the laser industry terminology before buying the product. Prytec will be the customer’s ultimate guide in understanding the safety and maintenance of the laser product purchased; the types of laser systems available in the market and the material suitability.

Laser Metal Cutters

Prytec metal cutting machine Sydney is your best choice for cutting thick metal plates, as it carries extremely high laser power. Our metal cutter can work on varied metals or materials such as copper, stainless steel, silicon steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy etc.

There is a choice of laser source power available ranging between 4000w to 8000w, depending on the client’s usage. It is operated with a one touch controller on metal thickness being 10mm to 25mm. Our metal cutting machines are always stocked and readily available even for bulk orders without a delay.

They can be shipped to any part of Australia within a few days of order placement. The customers can be rest assured of the accuracy, high working efficiency and high-speed cutting technology of our laser systems. Our laser systems are low maintenance and last the purchaser almost a lifetime with its upgrading facility. It is a long-term investment with low operation costs and high returns.

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Address : Unit 1/281 Foleys Road, Deer Park,Vic, Australia 3023

Telephone : 03 8372 6444

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NamePrytec Solutions
Tel(03) 8372 6444
OrganisationPrytec Solutions
AddressUnit 1/281 Foleys Road , Deer Park, Vic , Australia, 3023
TownDeer Park

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