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Grease is important substance used widely to remove the friction in caused in machineries.



There exists different type of grease which can be commonly used in different segments for different purposes. Grease and lubricants like Bright stock 150 is also commonly used as raw material in few segments. On a general approach a basic grease substituent consists of three different constituents and this may include the base oil, the additives and the thickener.

For selecting grease at manufacturer end careful testing is done. To ensure that grease has right combination and it can work well various functions are performed. When compatibilitywith other lubricants and machine materials is to be analyzed, there are several important factors which are to be considered. These factors must be wisely assigned while selecting grease and its compatibility material is must to be taken care wisely. This includes the following:

1. With synthetic base oil - If a thickener is chosen in conjunction with synthetic base oil or general base oil the viscosity of the base oil can be enhanced but it can be largely irrelevant in relation when compatibility is marinated with the thickener.

2. With Mineral-based oils - Mineral-based oils are also among commonly used base oils in greases and this may also include lubricant such as Base oil Sn500. Synthetic hydrocarbon base oils such as a PAO are also often has excellent compatibility with mineral base oils.

3. With thickeners –While using thickeners with greases, it is essential to check that whether they are compatible or not with laboratory grease analysis compatibility testing.

Some thickeners like lithium-based thickeners, polyurea is also one of the commonly used thickeners used with grease.

Irrelevant compatibility

When two substances are mixed, it is important to check their cross-compatibility. This must be main point for risk evaluation so that it can be avoided. Some material like polyalkylene glycol (PAG) may not be compatible and thus must be used with caution otherwise it may result to a chance of cross-contamination. Even The thickeners like polyurea-
based thickeners are not compatible with most other greases. This may also include polyurea-based thickeners as well

It is very essential to mix a well compatible oil with grease so as to grade of general-purpose grease applications. When a right oil like Base oil sn 150 is mixed with grease it can achieve high-speed properties and better applications in required segments.

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