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SCIENCECOSMOS.COM ANNOUNCES FREE STEAM TRIAL CLASS is pleased to announce that you and your child can experience a free steam trial class. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) is integral to today’s world of technology. When introduced early in life, you will be setting up your child for success.



Children today are exposed to more technology at a younger age than ever before. These are things that children take an interest in and can trigger their desire for learning and implementation of the principles even while they are having fun. is a kid’s enrichment franchise who specializes in instruction for game programming kid’s games and providing kids programming classes, allowing kids to pursue subjects that interest, intrigue and engage them in a safe, and structured environment.

No matter your child’s age, this kid’s enrichment franchise has hands on activities for young learners that can progress as your child grows in stature and developmental skills. The kids programming classes work with kids from aged 3-14 and helps to develop a wide range of skills while they are having fun and learning without even realizing it.

Their curriculum and teachers provide passion for learning in the science, technology, engineering, arts and math sections. This enrichment program is second to none as it uses core concepts to teach, inspire and encourage children to learn.

Concepts are not the only things taught here, but there are also hands-on activities such as a model building and machine construction using age appropriate tools, such as Lego, robotics, and electronic circuits. The age appropriate classes are geared to each child’s developmental age and level.

The STEAM-ing gaming program uses popular game designs in their kids programming classes to stimulate the child to discover more, problem solve more and turn their thinking towards progressive concepts. is offering a free trial class to interested parents and their children, so why not contact them today? They offer a wide variety of hands on experiences, and all are self-paced so that both you and your child will get the most from them.

Summer is always fun for kids, but the learning does not need to stop or slow down. There are three different camp themes, so that you and your child can choose the best fit. Please check our three camps page to see more information.

Still want more? They also have an after-school program curriculum. While not every center offers these after school programs, many do. Why stop your child’s learning at the end of the school day? Why should learning stop after the bell?

Your child will see it more as an after-school activity rather than a class, since the tasks are more like age appropriate games and hands-on involvement with things they like to do.

Light the fire of learning in your child with one of our free trial classes. You will never know just how much they will enjoy learning things that are so vital to their future success until you try it. Contact today for more information about our curriculum, summer classes and other offerings.

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Science Cosmos offers week-long fun camps and Lego robotics camps for kids in Ashburn, Chantilly VA, that are filled with learning. Science Cosmos is a fun learning program, where children develop an interest in science, technology and engineering.

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