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Florida Aerial Survey Technologies is a fully licensed surveying and mapping company serving South West Florida, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Call us 239-330-1015.



The accurate measurement of the available stock or inventory is essential to ensure smoother business operations. Now you can rely on the established Florida Aerial Survey Technologies for the accurate inventory turnover and aggregate measurement that is so useful for analyzing usage and costs.

About the Company

Florida Aerial Survey Technologies or FAST as its founding and partner owners refer is a company owned by Dave and Andrew. Both are specialists in their own rights as a licensed surveyor and licensed UAS & private pilot, respectively. Having decades of combined experience in the construction, survey and technology industries, both have led the company to new heights of success, winning new clients with every project that they execute.

Why is Accurate Inventory Measurement Required?

Companies engaged in the aggregate industry will not be able to succeed if they keep losing their materials. Stockpile and dirt volume measurement on a regular basis is therefore, very essential. However, this is a job that is not possible to execute manually and on a regular basis. In this regard, taking aerial surveys and the help of drone services is recommended.

In addition to having accurate data about the present stock, companies require inventory measurement to borrow. With regular aggregate measurement companies have the data of the present inventory, which enables them to get more financing. With more funds and finances, companies are in a much better position to operate and work smoothly.

When you have the inventory turnover ratio with you every week or month, as the case may be, you are in a better position to place your next order for the required materials. With the accurate data available from Florida Aerial Survey Technologies, you can easily plan and execute orders.

Why Choose Florida Aerial Survey Technologies?

Florida Aerial Survey Technologies is not just another surveying or mapping company. It is an institution that is backed by years of experience, hard work and specialization. Our company and crew are well equipped with the latest tools and equipment, drones and other mapping essentials. We have our software that enables us to produce data in the most legible manner as required by different industries and companies.

So, we not only specialize in using the drones to survey the stockpile but we also have the expertise in mining the extensive data collected through the survey. Moreover, you can call for the data as and when required.

Whether your stockpile measurement requirements remain the same throughout the year or there are changes, due to any event at the site, you can rely on us for producing quick results so that immediate decisions can be taken.

Being licensed and insured, we care about your data and ensure that you get it in the most legible manner. So, the next time you have any requirements of dirt volume measurement, stockpile measurement or aggregate measurement you know where to turn to – Florida Aerial Survey Technologies.

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Phone: 239-946-1839(HQ)



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