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We offer licensed surveys include 3D tampa mapping, aggregate & stockpile volume measurement in Miami, East & West Coast at Florida Aerial Survey Technologies



Mining and aggregates industries are measuring their inventory and managing it for better forecast production, filling sales orders and improving operations with the help of drone data. It has turned into the new normal when it comes to aggregate measurement of stockpile inventory.

Using the services of Florida Aerial Survey Technologies (FAST) the businesses can increase their revenue with timely and accurate inventory data and maximize their performance on the company’s Profit and Loss statement. Also, with a standardized aerial data, multiple inventory formats can be avoided, which can save a lot of productive time for the business. The timely inventory data received through an aerial survey will also aid in the planning functions of the business by reducing their cost structure.

Complete Inventory Management with Drones

When the dirt volume measurementis done by a FAST-piloteddrone flight, the reliance on manual measurement is reduced, in turn reducing the cost in the process. The true volumes can be reliably calculated with the drone data. Volumetric quality is also guaranteed as the base plane captures pictures in 3D photogrammetry. While operating from a single workspace, the FAST pilot verifies the linear distances and elevation changes on the construction sites.

A company needs to know the stock of its inventory present in various locations. For this purpose, they need to be consistent through all their sites or their inventory turnover could vary during the audit. The FAST-operated drone technology helps the global aggregate business in scaling various countries or regions uniformly. The inventory measurement process and practices can be standardized and harmonized together throughout the world.

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To rapidly determine the inventory turnover ratio, track large scale worksite inventory and conduct inspections in difficult to reach rooftops of commercial and residential buildings and worksites, use our drone based aerial intelligence platform and see how it works its magic on your business. FAST large-scale aerial photography also helps in monitoring arid rangeland vegetation. The ground measurement of the total land covered with vegetation can be broken down into the number of trees, shrubs, or cacti with the help of drone photography.

Volumetric Calculations and Estimations

In warehouses, the stock is contained in boxes and coded properly, which helps at the time of auditing. Stockpile inventory management is not as easy as managing inventory in a warehouse. When the inventory that you are managing is a pile of iron ore, coal or other such aggregates, whose degrees of coarseness also vary, aggregate measurement of the inventory can pose as a massive challenge for the inventory manager. While manually scaling, if the stockpiles get mixed up, the issue may cause the company thousands of dollars to sort.

The geometric challenges of measuring these huge piled up volumes can be solved through the FAST-aerial survey. We even work in environmentally unstable situations such as rain or wind. We get the risks under control and help the companies turn the stockpile measurements captured through an aerial survey into reliable business intelligence.

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