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It has been a while since I have introduced myself so here is a little information about how I became a wedding photographer in Nantwich.



I'm William, the Director & lead photographer of Epps Photography.
I have been a professional photographer in various forms for over 10 years. I was first interested in photography when I was 15, when my grandad gave me a 35mm Olympus Trip. I became an overnight camera geek, playing with exposures and angles all day, every day. I would never leave home without my camera, and loved to document anything I passed.

By the age of 16 the photo bug had really bitten me and I decided it was time to invest in a digital set-up. As all my photographic minded friends shot with Canon cameras, there was only one choice for me, Nikon! I may, possibly have gone against my parents words and "impulse invested" close to £2000 on a camera and a few lenses. I initially hid it from them for months, sneaking it out in my school/college bag to use it each day. I found a few months later I could use a camera for work, and to make a living! How exciting!

At 18 years old I decided to leave my apprenticeship in electrical engineering, jumped on a plane, camera in hand and tried my hand at being a full time Photographer for the very first time. Photographing skiers, holiday makers, adrenaline junkies, athletes and ski bums a-like in a very bright yellow jacket. After a few counts of minor frost-bite and in need of a haircut I decided to flip life upside down, and transform myself from a scruffy haired ski bum to a suited and booted Cruise Ship Photographer.

At 20 I joined P&O cruises as a photographer and a year later found myself managing my own team of fantastic photographers. The opportunity to travel the world whilst doing what I love, was an absolute dream. I can't believe they paid us for it to be honest! After four years of capturing various cities, scenes and audiences around the globe, I got a taste for warm weather. My travel bug had far from disappeared and I found myself with a one way ticket to Australia. It was time to turn life upside down again!

During my time in Australia, based between Adelaide, Sydney and my little camper-van home. My photographic style went full circle, and back to my Documentary style roots. Less posing, less lighting, fast lenses and beautiful organic light (wherever I can anyway!)
After 2 years in Australia, soaking up the sun, climbing rugged mountains, driving the arid plains, and swimming (unbeknowingly) next to a Great White Shark, I headed home for a new journey.

In 2018 I returned to my beautiful little home town of Nantwich in Cheshire & established Epps Photography. Shooting everything & anything, from Weddings to commercial shoots and even doggy portraits! I like to use my documentary style and experience to produce natural, unposed, great photos where ever I can!

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Organisation Profile:
Epps Photography was set up to provide newlyweds with stunning events of their most special day. Based in Nantwich, Cheshire, I’m Will, a professional freelance photographer with a passion for travel, good music, great dogs, beautiful cars, and, of course, capturing the perfect shots. With over 10 years working behind the lens, I’ve gained phenomenal experience and like to shoot in a documentary style that produces natural and organic light shots. I prefer images that are candid and those that aren’t overly styled or posed. I shoot discreetly capturing the tender looks, stolen kisses, hearty chuckles and tears of joy that embody a beautiful wedding. When my couples look back on their photographs, I want them to see a genuine depiction of who they are and the heartfelt reactions of their loved ones. Every wedding is unique & we like to enhance that by tailoring each package to the couple. We offer half or full coverage, with 1 or 2 photographers. We also have a wedding referral programme in place.

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