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Epps Photography a Nantwich wedding photography business has created a photography blog to help wedding couples utilise the extra time due to COVID-19. This weeks blog focussing on organising your Cheshire wedding with some useful tips!



With COVID-19 well & truly interrupting this year’s wedding season, I thought we could provide some tips to help get you organised for your wedding day. It may not be on the day you planned but lets take that extra time to prepare :)

The first step to a smooth running wedding day is to have a schedule! If you have a wedding planner this may already be done for you, otherwise you can create your own. A simple way to do this is to adapt the schedule you were provided from your venue. Depending on the type of person you are, this can mean from the minute you wake up, all the way through to going to bed. It can be as detailed as you like! It is important to have a schedule of events & some helpful reminders so that you aren’t stressing or missing anything on the day. Ensure the schedule is not only for you but for suppliers to ensure everyone is on the same page & timings are confirmed.

Print multiple copies of the schedule & have them available on your wedding day. Choose a reliable bridesmaid or family member to put in charge. Just be sure not to be consumed with keeping to strict times, if something is out of place try your best to go with the flow.
Secondly have a bag full of essentials & a hiding spot to put them for the reception. This will include anything you need for a little touch up once your artists have gone like makeup, hair accessories, perfume & a sewing kit incase of emergencies. Also pack some comfy shoes, toothpaste, toothbrush. On the day remember to drink enough water! It’s easy to get caught up in all the festivities & forget to stay hydrated.

Make sure you take a moment, look around, see all your loved ones & the beautiful wedding that you spent months (or years) planning. Let it all sink in & enjoy your day! Thank all your guests for coming & your suppliers for helping you achieve the day you’ve been waiting for.

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Epps Photography was set up to provide newlyweds with stunning events of their most special day. Based in Nantwich, Cheshire, I’m Will, a professional freelance photographer with a passion for travel, good music, great dogs, beautiful cars, and, of course, capturing the perfect shots. With over 10 years working behind the lens, I’ve gained phenomenal experience and like to shoot in a documentary style that produces natural and organic light shots. I prefer images that are candid and those that aren’t overly styled or posed. I shoot discreetly capturing the tender looks, stolen kisses, hearty chuckles and tears of joy that embody a beautiful wedding. When my couples look back on their photographs, I want them to see a genuine depiction of who they are and the heartfelt reactions of their loved ones. Every wedding is unique & we like to enhance that by tailoring each package to the couple. We offer half or full coverage, with 1 or 2 photographers. We also have a wedding referral programme in place.

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